Disputes & Litigation

Disputes and Litigation

At some point in our lives, most of us find ourselves involved in a dispute – whether it is an injury, employment issues, a problem with insurance, a question about entitlements in a will, a breached contract or agreement, or a real estate dispute.

Our goal is to cost effectively solve the dispute, through negotiation or litigation when necessary.

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Theobald Lawyers can help with all stages of Victoria property transactions whether you are buying or selling a home in the Melbourne suburbs, a unit, vacant block, strata title, commercial real estate or rural property. Things that we can help with include:

Resolving a dispute may involve us helping to arrange mediation, conciliation or arbitration services. Or ultimately, going to court and being involved in litigation. These processes allow us to act quickly and effectively and have high success rates.

When other processes don’t work, going to court may be the only option. Litigation is always a last resort. However, we understand that in certain situations the Court room is unavoidable. In these instances, representation with Theobald Lawyers is precisely what you need to feel reassurance that your matter is in the right hands.