common parenting mistakes to avoid after separation

5 Common Parenting Mistakes to Avoid Following a Separation

5 Common Parenting Mistakes to Avoid Following a Separation by Lajita Parenting is challenging for those that enjoy a successful relationship and there is an added level of complexity when parents are separated. Whilst a separation brings with it emotional turmoil and adjustment, if not mindful, parents can make common parenting mistakes which can end […]

Chinese walls

Acting for Both Parties, Information Barriers & Proverbial Chinese Walls …

Acting for Both Parties, Information Barriers & proverbial Chinese Walls…  by Rochelle Manderson This is an interesting area of law, so a warning to all those avid readers who have been following my blogs over the past months, this one contains some relevant case law AND reference to Conduct Rules … and Chinese walls. You […]

without prejudice

Without Prejudice …

Without Prejudice … How nice! by Rochelle Manderson ‘Without Prejudice’ … it is such a lovely thought, and then there is ‘Without Prejudice, Save as to Costs’ … how poetic. These are legal terms used during the process of negotiation and possible litigation matters, and their meaning is far more complex than they first appear. […]


Services and the Australian Consumer Laws

Services … and the Australian Consumer Laws by Rochelle Manderson We have some previous blogs that describe some of the Australian consumer laws (‘ACL’) regarding the sale of goods, but what about the provision of services? The ACL includes three consumer guarantees that apply to the provision of services, and like the consumer guarantees regarding […]

Oscar's law

Pet Registration, “Oscar’s Law”, and What it Means For You

Pet Registration, “Oscar’s Law”, and What it Means for You By Rochelle Manderson The popularity of dogs and cats as domestic pets is well documented, and for many people, the pets they share their lives with are important members of their family.  It is estimated that there are over 4 million dogs in Australia, whilst […]

fit for purpose

Fit for Purpose?

Fit for Purpose? by Rochelle Manderson It may seem very basic, but if you purchase an item it should be fit for the purpose it was designed for, right??? The following article continues our series on the Australian Consumer Law, and how this very simple idea is enshrined in our law so that goods that […]

acceptable quality

Acceptable Quality for Goods

Acceptable Quality for Goods by Rochelle Manderson Avid readers of our resources page will recall the introductory article on the Australian Consumer Law. It listed the nine consumer guarantees, and discussed what constitutes a major failure. This article outlines the first of the nine guarantees –  that goods are of acceptable quality. The acceptable quality […]

2017 done

2017 All Wrapped Up

2017 All Wrapped Up There has been a lot happen in 2017, and although it feels like it has flown, we have all done a lot and achieved a lot. There has also been some legislation changes, which we highlighted in blog posts: new ademption laws new intestacy laws impacts of intestacy laws on new […]

NAB Professional Services Award Winner and National Runner-Up

NAB Professional Services Award Winner and National Runner-Up TBA Law has been named as the Winner in the Best Law Firm, Private Clients, VIC/TAS category for the Professional Services Awards 2017. TBA Law was also a National Runner-up in the Australia-wide Private Clients category for Law Firms .  It was a competitive field: there was over 160 entrants in the inaugural awards. Put simply, the […]

do your research on your lawyer

Do Your Research On Your Lawyer

Do Your Research On Your Lawyer by Jacqui Just like any other high-end item that you might buy, when you are shopping around for legal services, you should do your research. My husband and I are sticklers for research – if someone doesn’t have a website, we discount them straight away. If someone’s website is […]

Robots doing legal work

Who’s Doing Your Legal Work?

Who’s Doing Your Legal Work? Robots, Unqualified People, or Foreigners? At least in a small firm like ours, you can see all our staff on our website, everyone is listed on the letterhead, and you can even meet us if you drop into one of our offices! What is becoming increasingly apparent over the last […]

ACQ5 global awards 2017

ACQ5 Global Awards 2017

ACQ5 Global Awards 2017 – Wills and Estate Planning Lawyer of the Year – Second Year in a Row! TBA Law is proud to announce that Jacqui Brauman has again been acknowledged on a global scale, receiving the award of Wills and Estate Planning Lawyer of the Year from the ACQ5 online publication. BREAKING NEWS  […]

Australasian Law Awards

Announcing: Finalist Australasian Law Awards

2017 Finalist for Australasian Law Awards – State/Regional Firm of the Year TBA Law is very pleased and proud to announce that we have been short-listed as a finalist in the 2017 Australasian Law Awards in the category of State/Regional Firm of the Year. We are amongst some very prestigious company, and extend our congratulations […]

Complete “How To” For Working with TBA Law

Complete “How To” For Working With TBA Law Responsive service, efficiency and accountability are certainly values that we hold at TBA Law. We operate from a place of a deep sense of wanting to provide you with a service that is in your best interests. We will always act morally and ethically, and in the […]

new office

2016: Where We Are Now

Where We Are Now: Business Update Post by Jacqui Brauman 2015 was a really big year for us, so I wanted to recap and let you all know a little bit about the plans for the future. Most of you will now that I bought this business in October 2012, so I’ve been at it […]

A Year Of Great Information

A Year Of Great Information by Jacqui Brauman A year disappears very quickly, and if I write a blog a week, that’s at least 50 blogs in the working year. Since I have been doing my Masters degree in Wills and Estate planning, my focus has very much been on providing you with lots of […]

Facebook Launches a Legacy Contact Feature

When you die, Facebook used to give your family two options – either permanently delete the site, or make the site a memorial site. Appoint a Facebook legacy contact to make this decision.