Homemade Wills and Will-Kits

Homemade Wills and Will-Kits by Jacqui Brauman Another homemade Will has just cost a family tens of thousands of dollars in Western Australia, with the family having to work out what the Will actually says in the Supreme Court. The will-maker must have thought they were very smart, but the language used in Wills has […]

Who Is Eligible to Make A Claim Against My Will?

Who Is Eligible to Make A Claim Against My Will? by Jacqui Brauman From the start of this year, the legislation in Victoria in relation to family provision claims has changed. The new changes have significantly restricted the people who can make a claim against your Will. This has been done by introducing a list […]

A New Reason to Register Your Relationship

A New Reason To Register Your Caring Relationship by Jacqui Brauman In Victoria, people have been able to register their domestic or caring relationship with Births Deaths and Marriages since 2008. A domestic relationship is virtually a de facto relationship, and I have always felt that there was very little point to registering a domestic […]

Cutting Someone Out of Your Will

I’ve had a few more people than usual who have asked how to cut one of their children out of their Will; how can they leave them nothing. My answer is: not with absolute certainty.