SMSF and stamp duty

SMSF and Stamp Duty

SMSF and Stamp Duty by Elizabeth Romeril Purchasing property in the name of a self-managed superannuation fund (‘SMSF’) can be advantageous, depending on your financial circumstances. You should always get advice from a financial planner before commencing an SMSF and advice from your accountant before purchasing assets on behalf of your SMSF to ensure your […]

First Home Owner

First Home Owners

First Home Owners by Elizabeth Romeril The availability of the First Home Owners Grant (‘FHOG’) to first time buyers is well known. Your eligibility for this grant will depend on the requirements applicable at the point in time when you sign a Contract of Sale, and these are subject to change. Currently, the FHOG is […]

husband wife land transfer

Stamp Duty for Spouses

Stamp Duty for Spouses by Elizabeth Romerill The transfer of property between spouses is a transaction that takes place routinely. Whether it is to achieve taxation benefits or to put in place effective estate planning, it is important to consider the possible stamp duty implications of such a transfer before proceeding. Previously, any transfer between […]

family farms

Stamp Duty and Farms

Stamp Duty and Farms by Elizabeth Romerill The State Revenue Office recently made changes to the exemptions and concessions available for the amount of stamp duty payable when you purchase a property. Over the next few weeks we will explain some of the exemptions and concessions that are now available and how that could affect […]

conveyancing in 2018

Conveyancing in 2018

Conveyancing in 2018 There have been a lot of changes over the last 12-18 months in the world of conveyancing. The introduction of electronic settlements on the PEXA platform (and the push for all settlements to occur this way) has had wider impacts. Transfers The forms at Land Victoria have all changed, and because many […]

moving heavy furniture

How To Move Heavy Furniture

How To Move Heavy Furniture Knowing how to move heavy furniture is a valuable skill to have. Trying to shift furniture (or any other heavy item) can cause serious harm if it’s done incorrectly, particularly to your lower back and spinal regions. It also makes the job a lot harder than it needs to be. […]

stamp duty

Stamp Duty Changes to Make Estate Planning Harder

Stamp Duty Changes to Make Estate Planning Harder One of the benefits that we previously had in Victoria was that spouses did not pay stamp duty on land transfers between them, whether it was their principle place of residence or an investment property, or any other restructure of properties between them. This was really important […]

moving house

Ultimate Moving Checklist

Ultimate Moving Checklist Moving house is exciting but it can be equally as stressful if you’re not prepared. Whether you’re travelling overseas, moving interstate or just headed down the road, being organised is key to an efficient and easy moving experience. Nothing is worse than relaxing into your new home, trying the remote and realising […]

first home owner

First Home Owner Benefits

First Home Owner Benefits The First Home Owner Grant was scaled back a couple of years ago, to be just $10,000 for a first home owner buying a new home under the value of $750,000. This will be doubling from 1 July 2017 for new homes in regional Victoria, for first home owners, from $10,000 […]

solicitors best for conveyancing

Solicitors are the Best for Conveyancing

Solicitors are the Best for Conveyancing by Leanne Certainly, selling or buying a property is a big event, property is generally the most significant asset most people have. Using a lawyer for conveyancing gives confidence, security and peace of mind. A lawyer, unlike a conveyancer working for themselves, can guide and resolve any legal issues […]

repairs and maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance Lease Series 4 of 4 As most would know, the requirements on the landlord to maintain a premises depends on whether the premises is a residential premises, a retail premises under the Retail Leases Act, or a commercial premises. Landlords bear all the obligations under a residential lease to keep the premises […]

Lease renew

Notices To Renew

Notices To Renew Lease Series: Three of Four There is s hidden trap in the Retail Leases Act that landlords should be aware of: make sure you give your tenants notice in writing of the last date they can exercise their option to renew. Most landlords miss this requirement, and even some managing agents miss […]

retail leases

What Are Retail Leases?

What Are Retail Leases? Leases Series: Two of Four For those you have commercial or industrial properties that you lease out, or if you are a tenant leasing a commercial or industrial property, you might be interested to know that the Retail Leases Act and all its additional benefits may apply to you after all. […]

Air bnb leases


AirBnB Leases Series: Part One of Four You will have had to be living under a rock not to have heard of a few of the latest USA imports which are disrupting industries. Uber is disrupting the taxi and ride-share industry, and AirBnB is disrupting the holiday rental and hotel industries. AirBnB is an easy […]

What it Title Insurance?

What is Title Insurance? by Jacqui Brauman Title insurance is a relatively new concept, and something that I only came across in the last 4 years. I have adopted it into my practice in the last two years, and offer it to clients as an extra protection. It also offers me some cover, because if […]

Verification of Identity

Verification of ID by Jacqui Brauman There are some big changes coming through for the process of conveyancing. They have been in the making for a couple of years, and are now of the verge of implementation – national electronic conveyancing. This will affect anyone buying, selling or transferring property. As part of the electronic […]

Stamp Duty on Land Transfers

Stamp Duty on Land Transfers All transfers of land, including gifts, attract stamp duty. Stamp duty is calculated on the greater of the price paid (consideration) or the market value. Water entitlements sold with land are non-dutiable, so stamp duty does not apply to water. There are exemptions and concessions on the payment of stamp […]

Vendor Finance – Buy Without A Bank

Vendor Finance – Buy Without A Bank What is it and why use it? If you want to buy real estate or a business and you cannot get a loan for the full amount through a bank, you would approach the vendor to finance part or all of the purchaser. So long as the vendor […]

New Requirements for Vendor Statements

New Requirements for Vendor Statements by Jacqui Brauman Yet another amendment to section 32 of the Sale of Land Act has been introduced and is due to commence on 1 October 2014. This section requires vendors to provide a vendor statement to prospective purchasers before they sign a contract. For solicitors, it is a total […]

8 Tips to Buying Real Estate

8 Tips to Buying Real Estate by Jacqui Brauman It may be your first time buying a property, or you may have done it before but not taken much personal responsibility for the process. But now, you want to be more in control, have more certainty, and not be at the mercy of other people. […]